We are Kobajagi

A reliable resource for producing text, stories, illustrations and graphic design. We offer consultation, produce content and exhibitions in an agile process close to our customers.

Felicia Fortes

Illustrates, makes graphic design, infographics, lectures in creativity and gives courses in InDesign and image processing.

Studied illustration and visual storytelling and with a degree in teaching visual arts.


Dragan Mitic

With a background in journalism, develops pedagogical concepts, writes for museums and screen- and teleplays.

Studied psychology, sociology, pedagogy, screenwriting and Critical Exhibition Studies.


Adv. and adj. in south slavic languages, aggregation of pron. ”kao” (like) and verb ”bajati” (conjure), reflecting on a phenomenon’s idea as opposed to it’s acutal nature. Common as a question [kobajagi?] when a story feels to good to be true, or as a promise of entertainment [kobajagi!], often pronounced with a wink.